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To administer various affordable housing programs & provide services to help low-to-moderate-income residents break the cycles of poverty.

​Giving HOPE & a future by building up low-to-moderate income communities.




Because of increased housing costs and growing income inequality, nearly one-third of households in the United States face cost burdens - paying either at least 30 percent of their income for housing cost burdened or at least half of their income on housing severely cost­burdened. These burdens leave nearly 38 million households with little income to afford the cost of food, health care and other basic necessities. With more than 18 million severely cost burdened households in the U.S., the importance of advocating for home affordability for homeowners and renters cannot be overstated.


Wages required to afford fair market home for two-bedroom in Kansas is {$828), working 40 hours per week. That is $15.92/hour or $33,104 annually. (The State of Kansas minimum wage: $7.25 or $15,080 annually). The shortage of affordable and available households for extremely low-income households and individuals in Kansas is negative $51,084.00. 

Hope CDC, a 50lc3 nonprofit organization, is working in our local community, Wichita, KS, to make the cost of a home something we all can afford. Our vision is of a community where everyone has a decent place to live, giving HOPE and a future for many generations to come. It is with H.O.P.E., Helping Other People Excel, we are addressing the need for affordable housing by promoting policies that increase: 

1.    Supply and preservation of affordable housing.

2.    Equitably increase access to affordable housing.

3.    Optimize land use for affordable housing.

4.    Ensure access to and development of communities' opportunities for affordable housing.


Contact Us

HOPE Community Development Corporation
1502 N.Dellrose
Wichita, KS 67208

Phone: (316) 648-9131
Office: (316) 684-5182


HOPE Community Development Corporation
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